Please note that we current have no WIFI at the hall. Our wireless broadband provider suddenly ceased to operate and efforts are being made to install an Openreach landline. We cannot guarantee that WIFI will be available at the time of your booking.

The village hall has now fully re-opened. However, we would like to encourage our users to operate within a framework of Covid safe practices. Please see the link below for our updated terms and conditions as well as the special recommendations which we feel will keep everyone safer.


Details of all activities at the village hall can be seen in the calendar below, and bookings can be made by clicking on the date you require.

If this is the first time that you have hired from us you will be required to set up a Hallmaster login name and password. This can be used for any subsequent bookings. Details on how to make your booking are shown when you enter the Hallmaster website.

Alternatively, e-mail bookings@holfordvillagehall.org with your proposed date and times for hire, or your telephone number and someone will call you back to discuss your requirements.

Click here for our terms and conditions and cost of hall hire. Please pay particular attention to our  Special Covid recommendations.

Animals: As a general rule animals are not allowed in the Hall for health and safety reasons. Please contact us IN ADVANCE to discuss special dispensation to allow a pet on the premises. No animals are allowed in the kitchen under any circumstances.